Skeletal Strength For Every Need

Cancer Patients
Eating Disorders
Over 50'S

 What to Expect


We recommend refraining from vigorous or intense exercise for several hours prior to your appointment. This period of rest will permit optimal benefit from your bioDensity session. Following your bioDensity session, enjoy a cool drink of water and continue with your day knowing you just did something great for yourself! You will not feel tired and you will not hurt.


Work out clothing is not required. You will feel best during your bioDensity session in clothes that permit comfortable movement. This may include, business casual, exercise attire or loose-fitting street clothing. No need to worry about sweat! We promise that you will not work that hard!


BioDensity participants are typically most comfortable wearing their exercise, walking or running shoes. However, any flat bottom or low heal shoe is adequate. If you forget your shoes, socks alone will do!


Skirts & Dresses

Our bioDensity participants feel most comfortable in shorts, pants, slacks or yoga pants. Skirts and dresses may be less comfortable in some of the seated positions and therefore they are not recommended.


Plan for a 45 minute visit for your first session. This way we can get to know you, making sure you are comfortable with how the whole process works and answer any questions you may have.

After this, your sessions need take only 20 minutes.

End of Session

After each session, we are available to answer questions about your progress and we will share your Personalised Performance Report with you so you can see your own improvements. You will be ableto show this to your friends and family, and share the good news of your progress with them. You will not feel tired or sore at the end of the session. Instead, you will be able to leave knowing youdid just did something great for your body!