Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, there have been thousands of sessions conducted with no report of injury. Each session is individualized and designed specifically for you. Our sessions are created to be both safe and effective. A trained technician will be with you during each visit.



We recommend sessions once per week.



A bioDensity session lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It consists of five different movements and each held for five seconds.



During a weekly visit to the bioDensity office, one will complete four specialized “trigger events” monitored by a trained technician to deliver the precise stimulus needed to improve bone mineral density. The force that you produce will be like pushing an object of significant weight and size in four different directions:

  1. Forward using your hands

  2. Forward using your feet

  3. Upward using your knees

  4. Upward using your legs, trunk and arms

BioDensity’s unique system allows people of all ages to participate without causing pain, muscle soreness or fatigue. Each of the four osteogenic loading activities only takes a few seconds to complete, and the entire session will take ten to 15 minutes. There’s no need to change into gym clothes.

What will i do
in a biodensity session?


After each session you will feel like you have completed a work out. You will feel like your muscles are awake, you will feel warm because of the increased circulation or blood flow. You might also notice improved posture. Your muscles may feel some temporary fatigue but you will not experience soreness or pain.

DEXA Scan results typically indicate improvement in bone health. Research thus far, has indicated a 2 to 6% improvement in bone density in 52 weeks. Click to learn about more about bioDensity results.

What will i
feel like after a biodensity session?


The report is a visual representation (graphed data) of your overall progress. Reports will compare your results with your first session. Your technician is available to answer questions and clarify the reported information.

What kind of results can i expect?


The human body has natural responses to the demands of the surrounding environment. For example, when muscles experience a new and heavier work load, they are prompted to become larger, more dense and stronger. bioStrong is designed to enable this natural adaptive response to improve your bone density and overall health.

The scientific technology associated with osteogenic loading has been available in the academic research for many years. Only recently has this science and technology become available for public access.

Why does it work?


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