Documented Progress


All osteogenic loading activity is electronically recorded at the time of participation. Individual progress reports are provided to all participants and shared with physicians or medical team members upon request and given prior written permission. This information is used to ensure continued progress and safety and promote collaborative health care. Your health is important to us.

The bioDensity report is a visual representation of each bioDensity session.  Each report will depict graphed results for Chest Press, Leg Press, Core Pull and Vertical Lift. Reports show results from your current session, baseline, and ten previous sessions. The report will also document overall improvement in performance since beginning bioDensity.

Eighty-two percent of patients showed an improvement or leveling of their DEXA scores following bioStrong. Feedback after each visit is available.


People using the bioDensity system (who have had bone DEXA scans within 12 months) have shown a:

2 - 6% increase in bone density in 52 weeks

Regardless of age, anyone can benefit from bioDensity. For people at risk of or suffering from osteoporosis, the bioDensity system is often a lifeline, offering positive bone health results for patients without uncomfortable or harmful side effects. 


Electronic Documentation

Electronic monitoring during your sessions documents progress from beginning bioDensity to your current session.

Collaborative Care

Results are available at all times and shared with you and your health care providers upon request.

DEXA Scan Verification

DEXA Scan results are ordered by your G.P. to verify improved bone density.